Benefits from the services

6881502016_8a71c5b020_oIn the society, medical situations are not a new topic. They occur on a daily basis and require specialized care at the shortest time possible. They apparently do not only occur in hospitals but many other different parts of the society: homes, churches, schools, workplaces, roads among others.

Medical transport services are therefore essential to society as they ensure that those with special needs get to a hospital in time. Medical transport importance is best described by the situation of non-drivers, elderly people and those living in very remote areas. These people face a serious challenge in accessing medical services as they cannot use the usual transport services in case of an emergency situation.

The medical transport services are distinguished by non-emergency medical transport services (NEMT) for those patients that are not in critical medical situations and ambulance services which are most common for those in critical medical conditions.

Benefits of non-emergency medical transport services (NEMT)

Non-emergency medical transport services are transport services offered to individuals who have no major emergency issue but who still require assistance to access a health facility. These transport services are specially equipped with state of the art machinery to assists patients especially those in wheelchairs, stretchers or ones facing other complications.

It is evidently very challenging for someone with a wheelchair or someone in a stretcher to board a bus like any other average person. It is for this reason that the non-emergency transport services are offered to assist people with these special needs.

Did you know some non emergency medical transportation companies provide long distance transportation for patients who have appointments in a different state? Companies like ACC Medlink provide luxurious shuttle busses so the patient and a family member can travel comfortably.

Users of these services enjoy the many benefits that accrue from the services. They include:

Wide coverage

People seeking these services can easily get access to the services. Non-emergency medical transport has a software that locates available service providers with specialized vehicles or standard vehicles which can assist transport patients to health facilities.

Feeling of independence

A person with any special need can easily contact NEMT services to be transported to any health centre of his or her choice. This creates the feeling of independence as the person does not burden his or her family members whenever he or she wants to go somewhere.


The prices on transport are based on the distance travelled, the special needs or attention required and other7367143908_2ed13d7b73_b determinant factors. However, the NEMT offers affordable and standardized prices for their services therefore persons with special needs get the best rate on their transport.

Advantages of ambulance services

Certain occurrences in our day to day life require quick and crucial medical attention at the shortest time possible to save lives or prevent a severity of the medical situation. Any delay could lead to fatality.

Apparently, the ambulance services are very crucial to the society. With each ambulance equipped with special, lifesaving equipment, technicians and paramedics ready to respond to any emergency call, many lives are saved on a daily basis.